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 James Malcolm was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 1956.

Already as a young child he was building and fixing things with his creative mind and his hands.

He loved to get an idea and turn it into reality. His first large project was a cottage on Lake Ontario originally built by his parents and then later redesigned and rebuilt into a permanent dwelling.

His desire to create has never stopped.

He followed his brother-in-law’s suggestion to sign up for a stained glass course years ago and has been producing wonderful pieces of art ever since. His very first piece was little sun catcher bird.

He stated '"When I cut that first piece of glass I knew that it was love at first cut". That bird put him into flight in working with glass and creating eye catching pieces. As the years rolled by his work has become more and more creative.

Today, James produces Dichroic glass jewelry. It is an art in itself.

Each piece is hand crafted and unique. James continues to learn and grow in his art. He has recently added gold and silver wire wrapping to his jewelry.

James states "Working with glass for me is purely a labour of love."

           To all who enjoy my works of art, I am truly grateful.        

What is Dichroic Glass

Dichroic means two colors, and this glass appears to be different colors when viewed from different angles or in varying degrees of illumination. Adding a thin layer of metallic oxides which transmit certain light wavelengths while reflecting others, causing an iridescent effect creates Dichroic Glass. Dichroic glass was not created for the purposes that artist and artisans use it today. It was first developed in the Laser Industry. It is also used in laser and photographic applications, and in theatrical film projectors, such as IMAX. It is also used for the optical and aerospace industry. The Dichroic Glass is achieved by applying micro-thin layers of different metals (titanium, chromium, aluminum, magnesium, or silicon) to the surface of glass. Certain wavelengths of light are allowed to pass through or be reflected causing the array of colors seen by the eye.

Jewelry made from Dichroic Glass


Once the jewelry is designed and glass is cut, (with as many as 4 layers), it is ground or sawed into shape, assembled, and fused (kiln fired) to 1400 – 1600 degrees and cooled (annealed) . At this stage it is called a Cabochon, which is ready to be incorporated into a finished piece. The last level is called cold-work, grinding the piece (channel notched), fire-polished again in the kiln, cooled, and finally washed and polished. The Jewelry Piece is now complete.  

This site is designed to aid with marketing my work to the public as well as offering some unique gift items from other sources.


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